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We empower future generations with experience and compassion
At Young And Mindful (YAM), we deliver ‘Self-Education’ courses to young people from the ages of 7-25. Our mindfulness courses are ideal for schools, youth clubs and community hubs. We even cater to teachers and parents with our unique courses that help you holistically integrate mindfulness practices into your daily routines.
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We've secured funding from the Key Fund Grant and the Multiply Grant, thanks to DVSC. Get ready to see more of us. Our courses are lined up, and we're eager to start.

To learn more, visit our courses page.

Who we are?

Young And Mindful CIC is a third-sector organisation social enterprise that aims to make a difference in young people's approach to health and wellbeing. Y.A.M. is a group of diverse but like-minded individuals with first-hand experience of the issues they address.

With sustainability at the core of the enterprise, Y.A.M members have a long-term interest in teaching about Self-Education and Meditation as a means of enhancing mental health and wellbeing in the young and also those that support and nurture them.

how we help

How we help

Young And Mindful teachers have a unique mix of talents that are brought to teaching young people from the ages of 7-25 in schools and universities, youth clubs, and community hubs, as well as teachers and parents whenever possible.

Through our personal experiences of meditation, we have developed an approach that has a positive effect on how we think, relate, work, and live in today's chaotic and crisis-filled society.

Our 'Self-Education' courses encourage us to examine our habits, beliefs, and opinions to see where they come from and to explore the nature of conditioning and the effects these have on ourselves and our relationships. By learning non-judgementally about ourselves in-depth, we discover new ways to live, relate and contribute to our community, our wellbeing, and to our planet.

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