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We hold that young people have their own assets and through our Self-Education courses, we can bring them to the forefront.
We see the value and benefit of delivering projects in the community that is built on an asset-based approach, as well as a place-based approach, and advocate co-production whenever possible.

Meet the team

Meet our wonderful team of full-time staff and volunteers.


Hello, I’m Shilpa the Founder of Young And Mindful CIC. I like to teach! For many years I’ve helped students to achieve academically and now through mindfulness I teach them to discover their quality of living.


Hello, my name is Bruce and I am a director of YAM, responsible for the ICT web site etc. Another responsibility is good governance of the company. I started a meditation routines about 10 years ago, Mindfulness is no longer something I do but is part of my working mind.


Hello, I'm Maroula and I am a volunteer. As a student starting a Counselling degree in September, I am interested in the approach Young And Mindful takes to health and wellbeing. Self-Education Based Mindfulness is innovative and it will benefit me on my course and no doubt I can bring my insights to Y.A.M. I help the team in various ways from administration to research.


I’ve been a trustee on several voluntary sector arts organisations in the past as a board member. Personally I have an interest in health and wellbeing. I’ve used counselling and mindfulness sessions as recovery from trauma so appreciate the importance and impact of this work, hence my support to the organisation as a board member.


Hi, I’m Sam and I volunteer at Y.A.M. I help out with data evaluation, writing reports, basic book-keeping and research in the field of mindfulness.


Hi there – my name is Pat and I volunteer at Young And Mindful.org. uk. My role is to do research and help out where required.


Hello I am Geraldine and I am a qualified mindfulness teacher delivering to 7-11 year age groups. I’ll also be bringing my musical and artistic talents to the classroom mindfulness experience.
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