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We equip young people with the tools to navigate complex emotional challenges. Discover how we can improve your children’s communication skills with mindfulness. We love to chat! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

How can mindfulness help you?

Young And Mindful have adapted mindfulness courses to make them more relevant to understanding ourself and how we relate to young people. Often parents and guardians feel disrespected, unheard, and misunderstood when talking to adolescents. But we don’t always consider that young people feel exactly the same when talking to us.

Youth are literally looking for cues on how to be, how to behave and how to become a grown up. Through our mindfulness courses we can learn to be more aware of our resistances, reactions, and rationalisations. In understanding ourselves we develop a more approachable and communicative way of reaching young people.

Transforming young minds

Chapter 1

in headlights

Sessions often start off hesitant and reserved, facing the unknowns of growing up and societal pressures. Mindfulness introduces a means to ground themselves amidst these challenges.

Chapter 2

comfort zones

Through mindfulness, participants are encouraged to step up and engage with their inner world, sharing and discovering personal and collective aspirations within a supportive environment.

Chapter 3

From fear
to freedom

As a result of the mindfulness journey, those who commit develop the confidence to express themselves and contribute to their community, fostering a sense of shared growth and understanding.
Curriculum Vitae

Explore the

What are the actual steps involved along the way? Discover the process your children will go through on their mindfulness journey.

1: Discovering ones potential

We begin by teaching your kids about their mind and body. We introduce mindfulness techniques and exercises from the very beginning, such as quiet and slow time.

2: Building strong relationships

We let the children connect and build a relationships with us at their own pace. A relationship that dismantles hierarchy. Together, we share lived experiences, interests, and stories.

3: Listening, feeling, & expressing

Your children explore their more inquisitive side. They begin asking questions and share what they’re going through. And most importantly, they develop compassionate listening skills.

4: Discovering happiness

We ask your children what makes them happy. We then collectively discuss empathy, love, and show how we can work together to achieve happiness and satisfaction.

5: Finding balance

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses. We learn to cultivate gratitude and appreciation, so that everyone can find peace and return to a place of comfort, even at the toughest of times.

6: Reflective practice

Your kids will reflect on what they’ve learned in the past 14 weeks. They take on skills to collaboratively solve problems, and how they can share their findings with others.

What’s Included in our mindfulness courses?

14 weekly sessions

We arrange 14 flexible workshop sessions that fit into your timetable. We’re confident your children will love joining in on these sessions.

A personal book of life

Journalling is for everyone. We work with your kids to create a ‘Book of Life’. This book can be used to help develop a more holistic self-understanding.

Meditation exercises

The meditation exercises and mindfulness techniques we teach are often shared with friends and family members. Your kids will see them as valuable lifelong tools.

Online library access

During our mindfulness course delivery, we give ongoing access to our additional resources. You retain access for 3 months, after the course is completed.

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