Our social mission

To establish a culture of wellbeing among young people through ‘self’-education and mindfulness

As a Community-Interest-Company, there are no stakeholders to please. Y.A.M is a social enterprise that puts young people first. As a business we reinvest our profits to ensure the future wellbeing of young people.
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Our core values

We help develop positive mindsets that help young people with every subject.

We engage in open and honest conversations that lead to a positive transformation.

We provide you with the tools and life-skills to reflect and take control.

Who we love to work with


Dear Schools,

Young And Mindful works with schools in its approach to ‘self education’ through the medium of mindfulness to fulfil the Health and Wellbeing Area of Learning and Experience outlined in the New Welsh Curriculum.

Our courses are taught by teachers who apply a deep knowledge and understanding of mindfulness in their own lives and adopt a safe and supportive approach to the subject that intrigues and encourages the young person to want to know about the ‘self’ within.

Youth Organisations

Dear Youth Organisations,

Young And Mindful CIC is looking for opportunities to educate the young people you support through mindfulness. Through our 14 week course we can teach them how to enjoy ownership and responsibility of their own wellbeing thereby creating a lasting and vital life skill for healthy and happy relationships.


Dear Parents

Young And Mindful have adapted mindfulness courses to make them more relevant to understanding ourself and how we relate to young people. Often parents and teachers feel disrespected, unheard and misunderstood when talking to adolescents.

Often young people feel exactly the same when talking to us. Youth are literally looking for cues on how to be, how to behave and how to become a grown up. Through our mindfulness courses we can learn to be more aware of our resistances, reactions and rationalisations. In understanding ourselves we develop a more approachable and communicative way of reaching the young person.


Dear CEO,

We have the resources to help your workforce find harmony and joy in the work-place. We can deliver 14 weeks of mindfulness that will foster a happier and more productive office environment.

We are also looking for support from corporate businesses wishing to fulfil their Philanthropic Responsibility.

Young people will solve the economic, environmental and social issues humanity faces when they are encouraged to overcome their psychological world through ‘self’ education.
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